Build Your Presence

Be everywhere on the web. Get noticed.


Getting your name out there is easier said than done.

But with the right technology and the right guidance, LOCALiQ’s digital marketing services get you noticed across the web.

Get found and make a great impression with a top-notch website design, accurate local listings, search engine optimization, and a strong social media game. Simplifying and streamlining your online presence starts here; take a peek inside our toolbox and see what you can use today.

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Outthink, outbrand, outwork and outperform your competition.

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Social Media Marketing

Don't just be "present" on social media - use it for lead generation. Tell shareable stories that drive likes, clicks, and views on the platforms that yield results.

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Web Design

Your website is your home turf on the internet – treat your guests with care!

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Live Chat

Live Chat has as significant impact on user experience. It has to be an intuitive solution and work on both your mobile and website if you want to engage your visitors.

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Custom Creative Design

Look like a marketing pro without needing to be one.